I will make peace with the past. True forgiveness is giving up all hope of a better past. I will observe my entire money history, good and bad, in its entirety and accept it as my current reality. This acceptance puts me in control of my money decisions moving forward.

I will not judge. I cannot truly know the value of what I’ve experienced so far. I have only the limited perspective of now. I can reflect on what has happened, but I will cease judging myself or others.

I will simply start now. The only failure possible is a failure to engage the process now. I will take action, gain my own understanding and adjust my path as I journey to master my relationship with money.

I will live my life with Financial Integrity. Complete; whole; unbroken; moral soundness; personal honesty; freedom. These concepts will best describe my personal story about time and money and stuff.

I will honor my Life Energy. Life energy is our time here on Earth; it is finite and precious. We trade our life energy for money through work. I will determine what my life energy is worth.

I will track every cent. There is no 99% commitment here; my honesty is crucial. I will use tools to track every penny that flows in and out of my life. Through awareness a change in my relationship will occur quickly, without deprivation.

I will focus on fulfillment. I will learn 3 important questions about time and money that will create a clear picture of what brings me joy and satisfaction. When happiness, clarity and peace characterize my life, I am potent and fulfilled, a master of money and time and stuff.

I will make peace with Inertia. The force that keeps me from making meaningful change in my life becomes the solution to my problems when I understand Savings Inertiasm. Visible progress of savings lead to clarity and fulfillment as fiscal bliss becomes financial independence.

I will know my unique point of Enoughing™. I will come to understand that only ‘I’ can say I’ve arrived by learning my point of maximum personal fulfillment and financial well-being by living a life that is simply enough.

I will share my story. I will take responsibility to continuously improve and expand the idea of Enoughing™. I will share my understanding and experiences with others to help them achieve greater peace, clarity, and confidence in their lives.


I Pledge to Enough!
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